Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.
Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.

A little about me and why I do what I do

I am an intuitive, a channel, a teacher, and mystic, who is Divinely guided to help serve humanity. I approach tarot & oracle readings from a holistic approach—an eclectic alchemy of the traditional, analytical, and spiritual.

My path is to help the seeker (you) find creative solutions or truths to their unconscious, that holds their inner knowing. My objective is to empower the seeker and assist with their integration of knowledge, so they may continue to learn and grow along their life path.

As a child, I grew up on a farm surrounded by nature. I knew I had some type of ability, but it went unnurtured. Later in life while living abroad, my ability began to surface again along with a near death experience that activated a number of my gifts. This activation included revealing and strengthening my connection to the angelic realm and the Universe/Source/God. My path to wellness has been a bit of a journey, as it created a drastic shift in my nutritional regime, as well as the inclusion and assistance of plant medicine.

I have a diverse background that includes a love of science and the visual arts. I hold a number of degrees related to the visual arts, and in curriculum and instruction (to name a few). I have worked in both the public and private sectors and have designed and conducted workshops that utilize my leadership skills. However, it is the act of helping others that I enjoy the most.

I’ve now merged my life experiences together with my psychic abilities and provide guidance to those who seek. I shine a light in the dark, to assist the seeker in addressing and clearing blockages along their path, so they may align with their inner wisdom. Ultimately, helping the seeker to achieve through personal growth and living their best life.

As part of the journey, I hand craft gemstone bracelets and necklaces, which serve as part of the healing process. Each stone carries meaning and frequency to provide additional support to the seeker.

As a teacher, tarot analyst, channel, lightworker and artist, I use my gifts to assist you with finding the guidance and direction you seek. All while giving you the tools to find your path to a life of inner peace and joy.