Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.
Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.

Spiritual Coaching

As an intuitive, channel, and medium, I have been gifted with many tools to help others in their growth and ascension process. The spiritual coaching I provide encompasses a variety of modalities. It provides the seeker with direction and lucidity along their journey, as they navigate the obstacles in their development process. Depending on the seeker’s needs, clarity and guidance can take any of the following forms or formats.

Example: further guidance regarding their card reading; assistance with alignment for creating one’s best life (focus on a particular area-business, relationships, etc.); life’s obstacles; challenges with ascension, the merging of one’s psychic abilities; plant medicine integration

A Spiritual Coaching session helps you find deeper understanding and how to apply it to your own life path, through supportive guidance.

· LIVE Spiritual Coaching Session…………..$165.00 – for 1 hour
o (via Google Chats, Facebook, or Whats App)
*24 hour notice for the cancellation & rescheduling of a LIVE reading
· Payments are to be paid up front and in full.
· Payments may be done through Stripe or Paypal
· *There are no refunds.