Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.
Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.

I have always been a whole to part type of person. As a child growing up on a farm, I was always asked many questions in order to better understand the essence of something, the process involved, and how things worked. This held true for those things I wanted to create, I had an idea of what I wanted to do or make and then I would figure out how to get there.

Spiritual Synergy

It was no surprise I was drawn early on to the problem-solving components of graphic design. It was here that I learned about synectics. In design, it is about taking two or more things and breaking them down into their basic parts to find their commonalities. What was fascinating is that there was at least one commonality. This synectics served me well later as I began to teach and create my own instructional units and the connections I would make within them.

Even now with my spiritual coaching that uses tarot and oracle cards and my custom gemstone jewelry, I still am integrating synectics. However, I now see how I have further shifted and how my synectics has evolved to what I would call Spiritual Synergy.

Spiritual Synergy Nancy Jackson, Reader, Medium holds out a tarot cardSynergy itself is a type of alchemical interaction of elements, which produces a total effect that is greater than each individual element. Or to put it another way, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This alchemy is achieved through synectics—taking what may be dissimilar or unknown, distilling it down to the most basic components, to find commonalities to create something new or to attain a solution.

Spiritual synergy works much in the same way. Spiritual synergy takes the parts or those of the human condition and experience and alchemizes them through integration. Spiritual synergy requires us to continually challenge ourselves to see things through a differently lens–one of love, compassion, and non-judgement of others. Universal Oneness governs that all things are one and are connected. This includes those things that are difficult, of a different opinion, or even at odds. They are all part of the Universe’s unfolding and necessary for humanity to evolve and it is nothing short of perfection, exactly the way it is.

For those who are awake, it means we have the conscious knowing that our existence and path during our lifetime provides us with the opportunity, to be the observer, as well as a teacher to others. We hunt the trauma and shadows to find the common thread to our trigger(s), so we may then get to alchemize (integrate) and heal it. The same holds true when we engage with others. How we connect with another, finding a common thread, is the activation of spiritual synergy. Our choices, behaviors, actions, and mindset (based on our chosen thoughts) serve as a living example to others how to embody a higher level of consciousness.

Spiritual Synergy Nancy Jackson, Reader, Medium looking over all the Tarot cards on the tableLearning to live from a place of Spiritual Synergy is not something that is immediate. It is like a muscle that requires regular exercise until muscle memory takes over. Looking at your immediate surroundings and the world at large requires constant practice. This means looking at what might be a commonality or even just to accept that ‘it is, what it is’ and view it from a place of love. As you begin to view people, events, and circumstances around you differently, you increase your ability to become less triggered.

Spiritual synergy, the ability to harness it and create a harmonious alchemy for oneself, enables one to expand their heart. To do this, you must first develop a larger awareness for not only what is in your surroundings and going on around you. Instead of thinking, “Why is this happening to me?”, you start understanding the circumstances and situations you are faced with are happening for you so you can ask “What is it trying to teach me?” Second, you must begin to hold a larger space of openness for people.

Coming from a place of love, compassion, and non-judgement

This heart expansion is a larger challenge, as people tend to be our biggest triggers, as they hold up a mirror to those things we have not yet healed within us. When you come from a place of love and compassion for any and all things, you realize that everyone is on their own path of discovery—their choices are not good or bad, but experiences that they need to grow. Coming from a place of love, compassion, and non-judgement is referred to as Unit Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. When you live from an open heart you create a shift in your awareness, mindfulness, consciousness itself.

A shift produced by spiritual synergy is what elevates one’s consciousness higher and increases vibration or frequency. As a result, we learn to live in harmony with ourselves and in our environment. However, this is not a one-time event. We do not stop growing and expanding our spiritual synergy. With continued awareness and effort, we continue to refine our ability to live in a state of higher vibration and consciousness. Much like a ripple on a pond, our own personal growth and ascension can have a positive impact on others and the world around us. And when combined with others doing the same thing, it creates a greater impact on our communities and the world.

Like the Universal Laws of Cause & Effect, and Polarity, what we put out we attract, and what we attract matches our state or frequency. It is why mindfulness—being aware of our words, thoughts, and actions is so important. We draw to us people and situations that are of equal frequency. The higher the our vibration the higher the vibration of who or what we attract. The more conscious and heart felt our choices (cause), the better the outcomes (effect). The higher our state of consciousness and how we interact with others and the world around us, the greater the spiritual synergy. The connectivity we have to each other and the planet, impacts humanity, its ascension, and the evolution of the planet itself.