Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.
Welcome To My Site. Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.

What Are Sirius & Orion Portals and Their Connection to Numerology

The Oxford Dictionary definition for a portal defines it as “a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one.” Time is defined as “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.” In the realm of astronomy and numerology, these two things are different, but they are interconnected. Where astronomy is the study of the planets and stars, their movements, and their connection with life on Earth, numerology is the study of numbers, their frequencies, and the metaphysical connection to a person’s life (everything from your birthdate to the synchronicities of how numbers show up in our lives). Portals, associative numerologies, and their interconnectedness to time. This blog will explore the astronomy, myth, numerology, and symbolism connection of the July and August portals of Sirius and Orion Portals.


Sirius or Sirius A, also called the “Dog Star” is the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. In Greek, its name means “glowing” or “scorcher”. It gets its “Dog Star” nickname because it is part of the Canis Major constellation, Canis is Latin for “the greater dog.” It is also where the Western Northern hemisphere gets its phrase “dog days of summer”, which are the extremely hot days that occur between approximately July 3 through August 11. Astrologically, Sirus aligns with the sun. Interestingly enough, you find Sirius using the belt of Orion as a directional, this further emphasizes the interesting relationship these two, star constellations have.


Orion, otherwise known as Orion’s Belt, is comprised of three stars. It can be seen throughout the world, as it is located on the celestial equator. It is visible in the southwestern sky from November to February if you are in the Northern Hemisphere or the northwestern sky if you are in the Southern Hemisphere. It is made up of three bright stars—Alnilam, Mintaka, and Alnitak.

Sirus & Orion in Cultural History

Both Sirus and Orion were known to the Greeks and have been accounted for in their ancient astronomical records (as well as the Polynesians and several other cultures).


Sirius has been defined in a few ways in Greek myth. They range from being the daughter, Maira (Maera) of the Titan Atlas, the Maira the dog of the hero Icarius, Lailaps the hound of Orion, and the golden hound of Zeus. The star was also associated with the goddess Hekate, who was the daughter of Perses (son of Adromeda and Perseus) “the Destroyer” and Asteria “the Starry One.”

Orion was named after the giant hunter in Greek mythology, possibly the son of Poseidon. It is said Orion fell in love with Merope, daughter of Oenopion, the king of the island Chios. The king did not approve of the match and continually deferred their wedding, eventually making Orion blinded. Orion’s eyes would later be restored by the rising sun. While how he died varies, he was honored by being placed among the stars, and may be identified by his club, lion’s skin clothing, sword, and belt.


Sepdet is the Egyptian goddess who is personified as the star Sirius. The appearance of Sirius was essentially the appearance of Isis just before the flood season. The Egyptians referred to Sirus as the “Nile Star”, due to its arrival just prior to the rising of the river. It was believed that later when the Nile flooded, it was caused by the tears that Isis (mother of all gods and nature) shed after her husband Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth. This yearly flooding would nourish the surrounding lands used for farming. Sirus was so important to their culture that the Egyptians based their yearly calendar on when Sirus was first visible, shortly before sunrise in the eastern sky.


In ancient Mesoamerican culture, the Maya believed the lower portion of Orion (3 stars of his belt and the one below) formed an equilateral triangle called “The Three Stones of the Hearth”. Every Maya home had a hearth (kitchen fireplace) that served as the foundation of the home. In their creation myth called the Popol Vuh, Orion was believed to be the “First Father”, known as Hunhunahpo.

Sirius was considered the location of the Galactic Mayans. These star ancestors lived in a sky outpost where all higher knowledge was kept in the galaxy. This location was the axis of the Universe and held all teachings and like the Egyptians, the Maya aligned their calendar.


The Dogon people are in the Bandiagara Escarpment of Mali, located in West Africa. They believe that their ancestors came from the Sirius star system located eight and a half light-years away. Hundreds of years ago, these beings gifted the Dogon with great knowledge to assist them in creating their civilization on Earth, such as how to use clay to build grain stores for their villages. The Dogon refer to these beings as “Nommos”, who were predominantly amphibious but could walk upon the earth.

What is amazing is that the ancient Dogon had knowledge of Serious B (the companion star to Sirius A) and its orbital period, including other cosmology that was only confirmed after by telescope. What is even more astonishing is the fact that Sirius B cannot be seen with the naked eye. The Dogon were aware of other cosmology such as Jupiter’s moons, Saturn with its rings, the Earth’s location within the Milky Way Galaxy, and the understanding of subatomic particles regarding how the universe was created (aka, Big Bang Theory, the Egg of the World, or Cosmic Egg).


Numerology is the study of mystical relationships between numbers, as well as letters, and the patterns they create. It is considered a form of divination and a tool to assist in developing a deeper knowledge of ourselves, others, and how we relate to the events and world around us. Divination The relationship between numbers and their frequency, and their sequence is linked to coinciding occurrences.

Sirius Portal and the Number 7

July is the opening of the Sirius Gateway or Portal. It occurs every year in the first week of July. According to many cultures and mystery schools, Sirus is the Sun behind our solar systems Sun. Many ancient cultures actually considered it Earth’s Spiritual Sun. In other words, it is believed to be the source of Divine Light in our galaxy and its solar alignment is auspicious.

July is the seventh month, and we normally have two days per month that create a double repeated number. Day 7, and day 25 (2+5=7) are the strong portal days that involve 7 are equal 77. However, the year 2023 converted to a 7 (2+0+2+3=7). This was significant, as it created two days in July that tripled in frequency:

July 7, 2023 = 777                            July 25, 2023= 777

In numerology, 777 speaks of heading on a journey in the right direction which occurs when you are in alignment. 777 reminds us that your purpose flows from within you and to trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at any moment and that things are unfolding to assist you in understanding your life’s purpose. It also communicates that your awareness is expanding, as you understand yourself more, and that it is timely for you to start putting your knowledge into practice.

The number 7 is associated with Collective Consciousness, faith, spirituality, awakening, enlightenment, spiritual development, mysticism, intuition, and psychic abilities (to name a few). When a number is repeated, its frequency and significance increase.

In Tarot, 7 is the Chariot in the Major Arcana. The Chariot card depicts a charioteer with two sphinxes or horses pulling the cart. One sphinx or horse is black, the other white. There is a star canopy over the driver, who wears a type of crown or helmet, and either holds a sword or wand. This card embodies the concepts of balance, self-control, and moving swiftly forward while being Divinely guided. The Chariot is a card of victory (when upright) and is associated with feminine energy and the sign of cancer (the crab), and the moon, and reminds us that it is also important to be balanced in our emotions, allow our intuition to help lead us on our journey. The charioteer reminds the significance of willpower, perseverance, determination, and strength. When you are in alignment with your values, and intentions, while remaining focused, you make decisions that will benefit your highest good.

Orion Portal and the Number 8

The Orion Portal is called the Lion’s Gate and is represented by the number 8. This celestial occurrence, like Sirius, is ancient in origin. While last year (2023) embodied the number 7 and its presence in July boosting 77 to 777 (July 7 and July 25 of 2023) in numerology, this year’s cycle is 8 and is just as important (2024; 2+0+2+4=8).

The Lion’s Gate happens near the beginning of August every year. It is said that the portal energy of Sirus in July links with the portal energy of Orion in August. It is when there is a planetary arrangement in astrology and astronomy involving the Sun being in Leo (symbol of the lion) and on Earth, the orientation of Sirius and Orion’s belt being in perfect alignment can be seen. In ancient Sumer, the Lion of Babylon represented the King of Babylon, and it was an animal that roamed the region. It not only represented the power of Kings but also the Goddess Ishtar, who is represented by an eight and sixteen-pointed star, who symbolized fertility, love, and war. It is believed that the Lion’s Gate Portal nurtures people’s aspirations, with the ability to manifest their true desire and purpose.

Portal days in August are on the 8, 17 (1+7=8), 26 (2+6=8) which in numerology gives you 888. The number 8 as a frequency resonates with personal power, inner strength, success, manifesting wealth and abundance, and the flow of give and take (an 8 is also a symbol for infinity).

In Tarot, 8 is depicted as Strength and is associated with the astrology sign Leo. Depending on the deck a woman is depicted learning over a lion is either petting or holding to the lion or prying the jaws of the lion open. This can symbolize the taming of one’s passions, earthly cravings, overcoming wildness, or the concept of gentling those wild inhibitions. The woman has an infinity symbol over her head that can signify balance, give and take, enlightenment, and spiritual powers.

2023 was a 7 in the zodiac and is part of a 12-year cycle. When year 12 is reached (in 2028) a major cycle is completed only for the next one to begin. You might say year 7 is about coming into alignment with your desires and purpose to start making them happen to manifest in year 8, 2024. 2024 also marks the third-quarter completion of the 12-year cycle. Although the numerology of the year will continue to progress to 12 (2012) The Sirius and Lion’s Gate Portals continue to remain relevant and important.

Portals are the opening of dimensional gateways in time and space. It is a powerful time when energies from the sun are sent to the planet Earth creating shifts in the planet’s frequencies and that of humanity’s. Sirius and Orion portals are the perfect time to assess and make changes in one’s life. What do you wish to create and manifest? If you are interested in learning more about your life’s path and wanting to develop your personal growth schedule a Spiritual Reading or Coaching Package! I would love to assist you with your journey.

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